Hi all,

It's been a long time. There’s a lot to report from over the past several years, but I'll try to keep this brief for those of you who were wondering “what the hell happened?” Starting in 2018 and continuing on into 2021, a series of life altering events took place that repeatedly knocked me down like dominos, including major health setbacks, family tragedy & loss, and then the pandemic—all of which forever changed the course of my life. That resulted in me having to retire from performing and then abruptly shut everything down (including my last website in 2020) in order to heal, grieve, and adapt to all of these drastic changes.

Fast forward to now—January, 2024.

Since I'm not on any social media, I’ve relaunched this scaled down website to update people and also to announce the release of my new and final solo album called Mine’s, I (see pic below). In the aftermath of all that happened, I became determined to make one more instrumental album before retiring from the music scene. For the past two years or more I've been slowly chipping away at writing, recording, arranging, producing, editing & mixing. This was a real labor of love, but I'm happy & relieved to have finally reached the finish line with it. Now that the album's been released, this temporary site will remain active until the end of this year to help get the word out. 

Musically speaking, I've done my part and it's all out there for anyone to discover. After all this time and many different incarnations, it feels very rewarding to have created a legacy that is uniquely my own. As always, I'd like to thank those of you throughout the world who have followed and supported my music.

Wishing you all Peace—




* N e w * A l b u m *

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